The Lume Buna Association in Berlin within the project “Europe in Perspective”

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During 20-25th February, Larisa Popescu, the president of The Lume Buna Association together with Ms Vali Papp, have participated in the first pilot training within the project “Europe in Perspective: International Co-operation in Cultural Learning”, organized in Berlin.

How was the first pilot training within the project “Europe in Perspective”?

To sum it up, it was intense. For six days, we have learned from all of the participants ( 28 people from 10 different countries: Germany, UK, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland, Greece, France, Austria, Romania, Switzerland) about new stories, unique projects and programs, people from extremely diverse areas and with truly life-changing experience. It was a multicultural learning process at its best!

The aim of this training and of the “Europe in Perspective” project is to create and establish new relationships and opportunities for those actively involved in cultural and educational programs, but also to emphasize the need for inter-cultural understanding and for a degree of European awareness.

Since every country was represented by a coordinator of NGO programs or within artistic areas and institutions (theatre, visual arts, music etc) and a teacher, The Lume Buna Association teamed up with Ms Valentina Papp, teacher at the Liebling Middle School, from Timis county. Ms Papp was the winner of the 2017 edition, The CELS Active Club Competition and the ideal host within The Magic of Education in the Rural Environment Caravan, involving more than 80 children and 15 teachers.

After a busy and intense week, we came back with ideas for new projects, more courage and hope in making the world a Better Place through powerful initiatives, international programs and multicultural colaborations.

We wish to thank the organizers BKJ German Federation for ARTS Education and Cultural Learning – Laura Mattick, Rolf Witte, the amazing trainers Paul Collard and Szilvia Nemeth and all of the participants who gave us parts of their experience, ideas and energy.

Asociatia Lume Buna ajunge in Berlin in cadrul “Europe in Perspective”

In perioada 20-25 februarie, Larisa Popescu, presedintele Asociatiei Lume Buna...