What was it like at the Conference marking the end of the project Cultural Antibullying in Diaspora and Rural Area

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Wednesday, October 12th, 5PM, at Cărturești Verona, the Conference for Cultural Antibullying in Diaspora and Rural Area took place.

Welcome everyone! We’re very close and dear in this project and I am very glad we are together. Yet another joy is the fact that we are here face to face and not online. Just like a family that has a good time in these hours  – Larisa Popescu, president of Lume Bună Association

And it was exactly like that! A blessing to have friends, sponsors, teachers, children, by our side, all of them very dear to us. No wonder the moments in the Conference flowed naturally, with constructive emotions and filled with inner content.

Let’s go through the event’s content and tell you about some of the impressions during the conference:

After the Welcome moment, we presented the video of the project Cultural Antibullying in Diaspora and Rural Area. The video is a virtual briefing of the key moments in the project: the context, glimpses from the online workshops of debate and theatrical arts (coordinated by Katia Pascariu and Mihaela Michailov), parts of the online ateliers on introspection and analysis on the bullying phenomenon (coordinated by Oana Hanganu) and moments of the 7 local events, which were organized by the communities involved. To view the video, you can access the Lume Bună NGO Youtube channel or simply click HERE.

Then we wanted to offer more information regarding the context and the project’s results.

Long story short, we made a recap:

– The project took place between March and October 2022, aiming to promote inclusion, diversity, tolerance and combating the bullying phenomenon.
– We’ve reached 124 children from the rural area and diaspora (Ireland and Spain), through 12 online interactive ateliers (reading club, debates, dramatic arts, visual expression), as well as offline workshops (with the Magical Education in the village Caravan organized in Faraoanele – Vranca county & Vaideeni – Vâlcea county).

Next, the 3 invited speakers followed, and a discussion initiated based on the theme: Three perspectives on the bullying phenomenon:

  1. Within the project:
    Speaker: Oana Hanganu – “bullying” trainer in the project;

About bullying, the children learned in a structural manner during my sessions. I offered numerous information on the types of bullying, about what they need to do when they/ their colleagues are faced with such situations. All children were authentic, creative. I am sure that they, the kids, are the ambassadors of change in their communities and schools. I believe that this type of projects must continue in the future! –  Oana Hanganu

  1. From the educational system:
    Speaker: Irina de Hillerin – psychologist, school counselling teacher in CMBRAE
    (Centrul Municipiului București de Resurse și Asistență Educațională – Bucharest City Centre for Resources and Educational Assistance)

I’ve had the opportunity to be a school counselor in Rahova neighborhood, as well as in the centre of Bucharest and I can tell you that the suffering is the same all over town. It is true that it can manifest differently. The solution that I found, up until now at least, is to refer to the resources that each child has and, up to a point, it works to start teaching the kid to discipline their thoughts, emotions. My solution is to start from within, to first learn about our emotions. This is why the education is so important and why I believe that what you are doing is extraordinary. – Irina de Hillerin

  1. From the sponsor’s shoes:
    Bogdana Cristiana Popa – Communication CSR, Kaufland România;

We have around 120 projects/ year in Kaufland România, with 8 million Euros invested on a yearly basis. In education we invest roughly 2 million Euros because it really is a very important pillar for us. What we liked a lot about your proposal was the approach on education through culture. Here we found the 2 blended very natural and nicely. I am convinced that what you have planted now, will help the kids in the future also, on all sides. – Bogdana‑Cristiana Popa

Moreover, an important moment was also presenting the Project Guide – a document with concrete steps and detailed activities that can be carried out in school units, from România or diaspora, to prevent and combat bullying. The Guide is a real help to any teacher, in the country or outside our boarders, who wishes a good change, but doesn’t know how and where to start. You may find the Guide HERE.

Also, the guests present at the event could admire some of the Vision Boards that the projects’ beneficiary children made, during the introspection and analysis workshops which Oana Hanganu coordinated. If you wish to see the entire exhibit with all their creations, we are pleased to invite you between October 10th and 30th to the Metropolitan Library in Bucharest, George Coșbuc branch, at the exhibit of the project Cultural Antibullying in Diaspora and Rural Area.

In the end of the conference, we were happy to hear some of the coordinating teachers and children involved in the project.

The greatest thing you could do in this project was hitting the nail on the head. And which is it? In a world in which violence is honored, the fact that we came with this project and explained to them what marks these bullying actions can leave, turned our children in spokesmen for their colleagues. Elena Spiridon – coordinating teacher in Șinca Veche, Brașov

I LOVE being a part of each of the projects that this NGO develops! I always ask our librarian when we will have more projects with your NGO and it makes me feel great, comfortable to be part of them and find out about new things. Because each of the projects I was part of was an opportunity to grow, I always expanded. Simply put: to know is to have power. And not just the power to obtain good grades, but the power to relate, understand, empathize. Because in the end this is also a way to combat bullying: to know how to react, to know what behavior to show so that the other person would realize that bullying has no purpose. Elena, beneficiary pupil, Piscu – Galați

It is such a state of emotion to me since this is my last project with you. I am no longer in the gymnasium, but in high school, which is totally different. I’m glad I had the opportunity to participate in this project on antibullying. It helped me a lot to expand morally and realize what is happening around me. And if a person is criticized, offended verbally or in a different manner, to help the bully and the person that is the target. To avoid major bullying. . Gheorghiță, beneficiary pupil, Șinca Veche – Brașov


The project was possible due to a mix of friends and sponsors of Lume Bună NGO, allesential ingredients in this endeavor. We’d like to thank: AFCN for the faith they had and for financing the project Cultural Antibullying in Diaspora and Rural Area; Kaufland România for our partnership in this project; Corint Pro Educație NGO and Mega Image for the books donations; BMB Bucharest for hosting the exhibit for the whole project; Cărturești for hosting the Conference marking the end of the project; REPLIKA Educational Centre of Theatre for direct involvement in the project through the workshops that Mihaela Mihailov and Katia Pascariu held. We also want to thank your friends in ECDL România and Corint Publishing for the prizes offered during the event.

With your help, the project started its journey throughout the world and continues to create friendship ties and beautiful connections.

Before closing this article, we’d like to give a special thanks to the coordinating teachers and the children involved. You are an example of dedication, creativity and commitment! We thank you from all our hearts!

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