We want every child to be encouraged and educated to become eager to explore and know the world, to freely express their creativity, to believe in their own strengths. We want children to enter adult life aware and proud of their belongings and local and national cultural values. We also want every child to have the chance to find their vocation as early as possible, to be motivated in what they do, to become a fulfilled person who thus contributes to a Better World. We believe that education through culture is that magic wand through which we can accomplish all these things.


In the short term we want to bring joy in the learning process and encourage children's creative thinking and expression. In the medium term, our projects bring more motivation to both the children and the teachers involved. Children get to develop various skills, essential for success in life: organizational, communication, cooperation and teamwork, solving problems that arise along the way, critical thinking, self-confidence. In the long term, as a consequence and consolidation through repetition of these successes, we reduce school dropout and functional illiteracy and develop emotional intelligence, with a good impact on the level of local communities.


We aim to ensure the continuity of our projects from year to year, which is essential to consolidate the results achieved and fulfill our long-term mission. We are constantly improving our programs and ways to expand them, as best practices, to as many village schools as possible across the country. For this we want to obtain the financial support and involvement through various actions of local communities and companies and, why not, of the diaspora. At the same time, we are taking steps to obtain the accreditation of our educational programs by the Ministry of Education.

Our values


We build motivation by carrying out projects where children learn with JOY.


We build motivation by encouraging children to express themselves creatively, to create value for themselves and the communities in which they live.


We build motivation through Involvement: ours (the association team), dedicated teachers (from the rural communities and the specialists with whom we collaborate), the beneficiary children who are co-creators in the projects and all the partners and supporters of our projects.


We build motivation by offering equal opportunities to rural children and teachers.


We build motivation by promoting cultural diversity and local cultural specificity in all communities involved in our projects.

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